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Vile Serial Molester and Anti American Crusader Dickhead Armey needs his Taxpayer Pension Revoked

Ex Majority leader of the Venomous GOOPER majority in the 1990s,who was a serial molester to his students

In 1998, during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, a reporter asked him what he would do if he were in President Bill Clinton’s position. He replied "If I were in the President’s place I would not have gotten a chance to resign. I would be lying in a pool of my own blood, hearing Mrs. Armey standing over me saying, ‘How do I reload this damn thing?’"[4] This caused several of his former female economics students to go public with stories of his sexually harassing them — harassment allegedly so severe that at least one student transferred to another school. He would later divorce his wife and marry one of his students. [

This vile man,who is ANTI…everything American citizen

Freedomworks isn’t some "organic grassroots" outfit. It’s run by former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey — corporate lobbyist, global warming denier and ladie’s man. The President and CEO of Freedomworks is Matt Kibbee, who was trained by Lee Atwater. Kibbe was behind the attempt to get Ralph Nader put on the ballot in Oregon in 2004, prompting a complaint to the FEC of illegal collusion with the GOP.

is NOW TRYING TO PREVENT YOU AND ME from having the fine healthcare he and his family enjoy at OUR TAXPAYER EXPENSE PETITION OUR ATTORNEY GENERAL,to look into this freaks antics….REVOKE HIS PENSION…turn the spotlight on this big fat cockroach

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