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Off to Birmingham and a Q of the day

I wish I could say that I'm going on vacation, but alas, it is to attend a wedding. Kate is in the wedding party, so she gets participate in the pleasantry of wearing a brown, er, truffle, satin dress in the Alabama heat. Let's hope they don't have to back up an EMS wagon at the church to load up the bridesmaids as they fall out fainting.

In all seriousness, may the happy couple have a wonderful life together…

Anyway, the baristas will hold down the fort as we head down to swelter (and I thought the NC humidity was bad); I'll actually wear a dress and less-than-practical shoes for the third time this year. Yipes! Nothing like our simple wedding in Canada — we did the bare foot thing for the occasion.

I wore all natural fibers, of course, given my aversion to man-made material after growing up in the 70s when my beloved mom (and the rest of America) was sold on the “miracle of polyester.” Traumatized, I tell you! Actually, I will wear rayon from time to time, and occasionally something tactile-unfriendly, but the minute I get home that shite comes off and into the hamper.

Enough of my babbling; wish us luck as we fly on USAir going to Birmingham and Delta back to NC. Let's see what happens…

So here's the Q of the day: for those of you who have had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid, was the outfit's style/color suitable for any use after the event? (I'm assuming the guys out there haven't had to deal with a fashion disaster unless we wind the clock back to the 70s).

Kate has been in at least 3 weddings, one of which she said the dress had a big “*ss bow” on it. I don't know if she actually burned it or just said that she wanted to.

I've been lucky; I have only had to serve as the “best person” at my brother's shindig, and I just wore a nice suit dress that I could actually wear again.

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