Modest Mouse’s “King Rat,” Directed By Heath Ledger

It’s been forever since I listened to any new Modest Mouse music. Loved them a long time; endlessly rocked Lonesome Crowded West; Trial slept at my mom’s house in 1998 and made fun of me for wearing a Modest Mouse t-shirt that I still own and mostly wear at the gym; saw them play three songs for 40 people in one of those Princeton eating-club thingers before Isaac Brock smashed his guitar in frustration; lost interest with Moon & Antarctica; couldn’t escape "Float On." You’re up to speed now. "Dramamine" remains my favorite song of theirs.

Anyway, I saw Mr. Bogg recommend a new EP of theirs and so I clicked around. This "King Rat" song appears to be several months old, but it’s new to me and — wow, ambitious, well-executed, ought-to-be-a-mess-and-isn’t. A jaunty thing, it seems almost Kurt Weill-inspired. Nothing with this many moving parts ought to turn out this well. And this delightful video was partially directed by Heath Ledger. Something for everyone. I may need to reacquaint myself with MM.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman