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Memo to the Left: Less About the Crazies, More About the Real Villians

With my schedule, I only have time to watch two TV shows each day: Rachel Maddow and The Daily Show. The last two nights, both have focused heavily on the "shout-down" sessions that have been obliterating any chance of fair discussion at health care town halls.

Are these crazies annoying? Absolutely. Are they disrupting needed conversations between Congresspeople and their constituents? Without a doubt. Should they be our number one concern right now? Not a chance.

Also prominent in the left-wing media has been the condemnation of the "birther" movement. Numerous TV segments and blog posts have been dedicated to the task of showing just how ludicrous and bigoted are those who claim that Obama is not a natural-born Citizen.

Has it dawned on us yet that both of these stories are a trap? That the right has intentionally dangled this bait out in front of us like candy to a toddler, and that we have bitten down hard?

Let’s step back and think about it for a moment. Who are the real conservative villians in our nation at this time? Is it the people who stand up at rallies and call Obama a Kenyan? Is it the criminal who posted a fake birth certifictae on the web? Is it the angry mob at a health care town hall who shouts so loud that their opponents can’t be heard?

Yes, these people are annoying. Yes, many of them appear to be a little unstable. But they’re not the ones who scare me. They’re not the ones who are currently making a sweeping grab for money and power, and they’re not the ones we should be writing about.

The real villians are the health industry CEO’s who take home millions a year; the politicians who are in their back pockets; and the lobbyists who are riding the gravy train back and forth between the two.

 Of course, many on the left are writing and talking about these real villians, but they have slipped off the front burner. I can see some Republican operative sitting in front of a TV and a computer next to some shadowy health care executive. They’re smiling every time one of us says "birther" or "shout-down," and they’re saying to each other – "I love it when a plan comes together!"

And their plan is to make us look like the mirror-image of these right-wing crazies. To make the very reasonable arguments that we have for public option to appear to be fringe arguments, the counterpart for birtherism and shout-downs. The MSM will certainly buy into it. We cannot afford to.

So let’s do what I do when my 2-year old pitches a fit and throws himself on the floor because things aren’t going his way:  Ignore. 

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Jim Moss

Jim Moss