What a brave brave and honorable young man

"US Army Specialist Victor Agosto faces up to one month in jail for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan. After returning from thirteen months in Iraq, Agosto became a victim of the stop-loss program that has extended the tours of more than 140,000 troops beyond their contracts since 9/11. Just hours before his court-martial, Agosto speaks out from his military base at Fort Hood, Texas. [includes rush transcript]"

Victor "SPC. VICTOR AGOSTO: When I was in Iraq, I had done some reading. I thought about why I was actually there, why were we involved in these wars. And I read Noam Chomsky’s Hegemony or Survival, and it was from there that I realized that the concept that I had that we were there to help the people of Iraq, that America had some sort of moral superiority, was completely shattered from what I read there."

Victor "SPC. VICTOR AGOSTO: As I struggled with my decision, I learned of the effect of the GI resistance movement during the Vietnam War. And I thought that if I were to go AWOL, my commanders could tell other soldiers that—you know, that I left because I was scared, that, you know, I had other reasons, whereas if—whereas by staying on base, I can set an example for other soldiers to see that, you know, that I think this war is wrong, and I’m just not going to do it and that, you know, I think they should do the same."

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