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Health Care Action in the States

August is make or break month, so please use our August Recess Event tool and keep working the phones even more to whip votes. If you are a blogger, please sign up your blog.

Here’s a round-up of the latest action in Colorado, New Jersey, Oregon, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Nebraska:

Colorado Zappatero at Square State has questions for Jared Polis and wondered, "Is Jared going the way of the Blue Dogs and proving to be more hindrance than help in fixing health care?"

New Jersey Jason Springer at Blue Jersey pulled together numbers for each district and asked, "If you call, get your member of Congress to take the pledge."

Oregon Torridjoe at Loaded Orygun headlined Lobby Your House Member in August: Here’s Where with a full list of Oregon events he researched and added to the database.

Virginia Lowell Feld of Blue Virginia congratulated the Alexandria Democratic Committee for passing a resolution demanding a public option.

New Mexico LP at NM FBIHOP urged readers to Show up to town halls to discuss health care and "Tell them to support a strong public option and try not to be too annoyed by the tea party types that seem to have invaded the Republican Party."

California Marta Evry at Venice for Change pulled together a listing of all California Town Hall events

Nevada Myrna the Minx at Reno Discontent let her readers know she expects all of them to sign up, saying, "It’s time for an accounting. Do our legislators work for us or for insurance corporations?"

Minnesota Stephanie at Alliance for a Better Minnesota called August the health care battleground and urged readers to, "Take action in August by attending events in your area with your members of Congress, so by the time they reconvene, they are as ready as the American people to pass health care reform."

North Carolina Gordon Smith of Scrutiny Hooligans took Heath Shuler to task by the numbers in NC-11 and ask, "Call him one more time – 202-225-6401 in DC; if the number there is busy (which is likely), try the Asheville office – 828-252-1651."

Nebraska Adam Green called out Kyle Michaelis for triangulating against 76% of Americans who support the public option in an attempt to defend Ben Nelson for threatening to kill health care reform if people criticize him.

What are you doing to draw a line in the sand and demand a public health insurance option?

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Marisa McNee

Marisa McNee