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Special thanks to Seth Extein for help researching and writing this post

Since their disastrous electoral results in the past two cycles, GOP lobbyists and their big-money interests have tried to create for themselves what helped Democrats gain control of both chambers of Congress and the White House: a grassroots uprising of concerned citizens who are troubled by the direction in which their country is headed.

Imitate, they have tried; do, they have not; now, they get desperate.

Since the November elections, we have seen groups with names like “Conservatives for Patients Rights,” “FreedomWorks,” and “Americans for Prosperity,” become increasingly active, ostensibly because of average, every day citizens who are concerned about the country’s policies.

Of course, these average every day citizens are Dick Armey, a former House Majority Leader, David Koch, the 19th richest man in the world, and Rick Scott, a millionaire insurance executive whose company was convicted of the largest insurance fraud in American history. Now these influential elites are allying themselves with the racist right to further their agenda.

Members of the “White Pride World Wide” website are now joining with their allies Dick Armey, David Koch and Rick Scott to act as foot soldiers, disrupting town hall meetings, organizing, attending, and even recruiting at teabag protests. They are using the issue as a rallying cry for their members, and as a tool to recruit members, claiming that President Obama is using an inner cabal of Jews to run health care.

That anti-health care reform operations are able to cull from the same racist groups that have resurfaced since the election of the first African-American President is unsurprising. Of the Republican base, they are the ones most committed to derailing the policies of this administration; the ones who most want to see this country fail, because they are the only ones truly invested in the same type of militant, racist libertarianism that led Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols to commit the greatest act of domestic terrorism ever perpetrated against the United States: the Oklahoma City bombing.

It is now the duty of every American to stand up against these racist thugs, to let the voices of true, freedom-loving Americans be heard. Let’s stand up now, let’s shout down the cries from neo-Nazis being controlled by their corporate supporters, and let’s guarantee that we do not allow them to derail real, meaningful health reform for all Americans.



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