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COP WATCH – Keeping An Eye On Those Who Protect And Serve

Earlier today I had sent out an email to fellow bloggers and fellow members of the press regarding a new blog I started this afternoon.

One of those was Pam who emailed back that I should write a diary to promote the blog.

What brought this on was seeing the posting here on PHB about the tasering and another story on JMG about a cop who has been arrested for soliciting sexual favors when stopping immigrant men in traffic stops.

Believe me, I have the utmost respect for the men and women in the blue uniform, and frankly feel they don't get paid enough for the service they do for their community or state.

But as Popeye said, “eyes stands all eyes can stands, eyes can't stands no more !”.

So, COP WATCH is now up and running. Rather than go back into the past and post any number of articles, many of which have been here on PHB, I started fresh with the two aforementioned, plus one from July where a man died while in police custody in LA during a traffic stop.

The postings will be cut/paste from articles and when able, with video.

There will be little to no commentary in the postings, the articles will speak for themselves. And I'm breaking tradition of writing a headline which fits over the posting. The headlines for each posting will be as long as needed to get the point across and also picked up in searches.

This blog is being done as a public service with no advertising, and a way to find the most egregious examples of police abuse or willful misuse of power.

If interested you can follow the blog, get a feed or pick up the Twitter feed.

Just as I was moved to start writing commentary on LGBT issues and community on my blog FOCUS and my blog at CT/Hearst newspapers, Focus On The Rainbow, so was I moved today to start COP WATCH.

COP WATCH on Facebook

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Lyndon Evans

Lyndon Evans