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Shut It All Down

This will not be a long diary full of facts, links, citations and the like. This is coming from my heart and from my anger at the spectacle of right wingers behaving like spoiled children, interrupting town hall meetings for the simple purpose of being disruptive.

I won’t mince words nor worry about the foolishness of Godwin’s Law — the right wingers are behaving the same way that Mussolini’s Blackshirts and the Nazi brownshirts behaved in the 1920s & 1930s, respectively. Their numbers are weak and they know their opinion is not in the majority so they do the next best thing, they give the appearance of having greater numbers that they do by being the loudest. This is and has always been the tactic practiced by the right when they find themselves incapable of debating on equal footing. They instill fear, doubt and anxiety with bullying behavior when they find that they are outnumbered. They are bold and they are shameless when they need to be — a trait which it seems to me that the left lacks in large amount. Sadly, we tend to quiet the bolder elements on our side because, in the view of some, "we" don’t do that.

The fact is, we will always lose this battle. It’s inevitable. When the either lazy or complicit media characterizes these contrived right wing outbursts as "grass roots", we are going to lose. We could fight back but with what? The only way to have reasonably counteracted the black and brownshirts of the last century would have been to silence them in the harshest manner possible. I don’t think there are many now who would condone or be able to stomach a solution like that.

My proposal is simple: If you want to illustrate the need for healthcare then create a healthcare crisis. Begin showing up at emergency rooms and clinics for your healthcare needs even if you have insurance. Just tell them you don’t. Flood the emergency rooms with people. Shut the entire thing down. Imagine the imagery of lines stretching out of hospital doors and down the block with people waiting to be treated. Multiply this by a hundred hospitals and you have a stunning and embarrassing visual that will be broadcast around the world.

My solution for the right wing noise machine is to cause the near collapse of the current healthcare system. I think the Powers That Be will be forced to take notice and to act.

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