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Obama’s approach on Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Could you imagine talking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without mentioning settlements? I know I couldn’t.

But a letter to the President circulating for signatures in the Senate right now takes a one-sided view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, only encouraging Arab states to take steps towards peace. That’s fine to ask Arab states to do more – but that’s only one side of the story.

Israel should also do more, like freeze settlement construction. And the Palestinians must end incitement to violence against Israel. President Obama’s balanced approach is our best bet to bring real peace and security to Israel and the whole Middle East.

I just asked my Senators – through J Street, the pro-Israel, pro-peace lobby – to ask the letter’s authors to add language supporting the President’s balanced approach before adding their names. You can too.

Click here to take action.

Your Senators need to hear from pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans like you so they’ll do the right thing. Thank you.



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