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Glenn Greenwald On His MSNBC Source For the GE-Olbermann Story

Over at Salon, Glenn Greenwald’s commenters are asking for a redacted version of the emails from an MSNBC source that confirm his story (and now confirmed by Keith Olbermann) that GE has a practice of subverting MSNBC journalism when it conflicts with their corporate goals.  Glenn replies in the comments:

It would be hard to publish them without revealing the person’s identity, whose job would absolutely be at risk if his identity was disclosed, but the emails said that everything I wrote on Saturday about GE was dead-on; it documented examples of commentary about O’Reilly and Fox that was censored because of GE’s edict during this time period; it provided details of who at GE was responsible and who at NBC communicated the decree; and it described proposals among MSNBC employees for protesting what had been done.

Obviously, I now have a statement from Olbermann affirming that everything I wrote was accurate, obviating any need or justification for disclosing that email evidence.

If the corporate parent of MSNBC is spiking stories on a regular basis because it affects their business objectives, then there is not a sufficient firewall between GE’s corporate and news divisions, and all of MSNBC’s reporting is suspect. 

Update:  Sirota

You may like Keith Olbermann (as I do), but if your love of Keith Olbermann makes you refuse to defend/demand respect for independent journalism, then you ought to consider how fucked up your value system really is. MSNBC partisans insisting that we should ignore General Electric’s manipulation of the news out of deference to Keith Olbermann’s supposedly infallible awesomeness are at best being intellectually dishonest, and at worst endorsing in precisely the kind of propagandistic pro-censorship sycophantism that is at the heart of this scandal.

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