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Catholic News:Transsexual attacks priest during Mass in Italy

I do not as a rule write about trans-specific issues, perferring to leave that to members of the trans-community who have a far better understanding from experience of the impact and importance of various events. This happening, though, I felt compelled to address. It reflects a disdain that, though hugely intense towards trans people, extends to the larger LGBT community as well.

The story, on the Catholic News Agency website described an event.

Police in Milan detained a Brazilian transsexual on Sunday after he stripped naked in front of the altar during Mass and began to attack the priest who was presiding over the Mass

Ok, they didn't use the correct pronoun, at least give the picture  at least given the picture attatched to the story

(I cannot get the pic to attatch, add www to the address)

It gets worse. After some closing remarks framing the event as an attack and a robbery attempt, the readers of the Catholic News gave their reactions in the comments section:

Regardless of what surgery or hormonal treatment they undergo, whatever they were born with and the type of chromosomes they carry are what they are. Looks like a man who is trying to LOOK like a woman. Once a he, always a he.

There was also this effort to comfort an appalled Catholic laity:

Keep your faith, never let these things chill you to the bone. Obviously this man was possessed. Can you imagine what it would be like to be cast into hell with these poor souls.

 Now, I was appalled by the implication that our trans brothers and sisters were destined for hell. I personally do not believe in the Judeo-Christian hell, but to summarily dismiss a large part of the LGBT as damned has implications beyong the merely theological; it touches in the end upon their very right to existence. A continuation of that logic followed:

Actually this man was evil and evil needs to be crush, violence against evil is no sin

This denial of medical science in favour of bronze age myths and medieval theology followed closely:

Uh, actually, if he's really a man who wants to be/become a woman, he's still a transexual man. That's the whole point; he's NOT a woman. The universality involved here, however, is that they are all–regardless of sex–sick. They need help; not political correctness.

An attack upon the larger LGBT community was made in the midst of the comments, one that demonstrated a lack of understanding of transsexuality as opposed to same-sex attraction:

Homosexuals are perverted and criminal. I give you exhibit “nasty.” 

The President got dragged into this, of course

And Transexuals are people that Obama thinks need to be honored with G,L,B type people? They even get a special month to honor them! REMEMBER! “I'll retire to bedlam”! Quote Scrooge.
Their BEHAVIOR is a PROBLEM! May God Help them to change!

The Cathlolic Church is currently sending out Inquisitorial squads to silence the good Sisters who are friendly to us. LGBT parents are the moral equivalent of child abuse according to the Church, we endanger marriage, we are damned, and violence against us is not an evil. In fact, according to Dr Joseph Ratzinger, our very demand for equality makes violence against us predictable.

I am not feeling the love from Rome these days…



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