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…But If You Must Shoot Somebody, Please Ditch Your “I ? Glenn Beck” Button First

I guess this is what happens when one of your fans shows up at a National Guard base with two guns and 500 rounds:

Beck closed his show tonight with a bizarre message to his viewers: don’t go messing up all the progress we wingnuts are making at derailing the Obama presidency with obfuscations, distortions and outright lies with any sort of Timothy McVeigh or James Von Brunn-type shit!

….Here Glenn Beck is just simply looking into the camera and imploring his audience not to murder innocent people — "Just one lunatic like Timothy McVeigh could ruin everything that everyone has worked so hard for."

Not, mind you, because killing people is bad and wrong.  No, you must restrain your homicidal urges because that shooting spree you were fantasizing about would hurt The Cause.  Have you considered the power of prayer instead?  Nothing wrong with praying for those dirty liberal hippies to burst into flame, right?  Besides, prayer totally pisses off their PC little minds because they hate Jesus!

Fox hired Beck to boost their ratings with the black-UN-helicopters-are-coming-to-fluoridate-our-womenfolk market segment, but it’s dawned on them that if a violent, crazy viewer does something violent and crazy, it just might reflect poorly on their brand.  That’s why they made Beck recite a please-don’t-kill-anybody PSA, to cover their asses with a G-string of deniability.  It won’t fool anybody, but at least now if some Beckhead goes off they can say, "He told them not to do it!  If they were a real fan they would have listened!"

So, um, refresh my memory: When was the last time KO or Rachel Maddow felt the need to beg their audience not to kill anyone?

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