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Becks Speaks Crazy to Cash for Clunkers Success…

Thank God we have Glenn Beck to speak crazy to power. In this clip from his cocktail party with a pretty girl who used to be a lawyer and the weird dude with glasses that always hits on the pretty girl so he had to attend via satellite, Beck explains how when auto dealers log into a secure government site to report a ‘cash for clunkers’ deal, it gives the federal government permission to take everyone’s private property via imminent domain and give it to China. Socialism!

Oh yes, and the Cars Czar and all the other Czars are “evil people” – the people who authorized torture, indefinite detentions and spying on American citizens are cool, because like, it’s cool – we can trust them. But the people who want you to have a new car at a steep discount will swallow your soul.

Of course, I like Pretty Girl’s summation of the rote security agreement for the dealers’ (read: uh, NOT available to the general public) access to the CARS system:

Here you are trying to be a good citizen, and make a charitable contribution. And guess what – they are jumping right inside you…

That sounds kind of sexy…. But of course, you can never really disconnect because the fed is planting cookies and malware and chips in our brains via a hastily designed website. Oh by the way, this is one of our Fair and Balanced anchors speaking….

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