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Bart Stupak: Legislator of the Day


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Bart Stupak (MI-D-01)

Rep. Stupak is in a very conservative District, which he wrested from the Republicans in 1992.  He is one of several pro-life Democrats, but he voted yes on hate crimes bills in 07 and 09 and yes on ENDA in 2007.

Please call and ask him to support ENDA, HR 3017, in 2009.

tel: 906-875-3751  


And while you're at it, ask your friends to sign up for our Facebook Inclusive ENDA Campaign, co-chaired by myself, our very own Pam, and Bil Browning and Waymon Hudson of, at  We have over 3,000 members, and more every day – I'm hoping for 4,000 over the next two weeks.  There are tens of millions of us – let our voices be heard!

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