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Healthcare Warrior Slinkerwink is getting married tonight at 7:30 cst.

She’s registered over at Big Orange and tells us all EXACTLY what she wants for a wedding present:

thanks! Please make phone calls for me while I’m gone !

That’s right firedogs, no dithering over the iRoomba, the latest Cuisinart, or 400 count Egyptian Cotton linen, Slinky wants you to

Pick Up The Damn Phone: Call these Reps local offices, find out where they’ll be for August (she gives you a script !)

Fill In The Recess Tracker Tool

Attend An Event Bring a friend,your cell phone, or other video recording equipment! Provide pushback on the incredibly well financed/organized teabagging hordes (slinky shows you the way!)

Fill In the Report Back tool :tell ’em how it went

Fer chrissakes firedogs, do I even need to point out this woman is calling you to action on her wedding day ?!?!?!
anyone loosely following her work here at the Lake or over at Big Orange understands this is completely within character for this authentic fierce advocate.

I’m serious–stop blogging at the computer and get OUT into these town hall events being hosted by your Democratic lawmaker!

This truly is the fight of our political lives – Jane, NYCeve, Slinky and others have made it soooo easy for all of us to do our part – as documented everywhere (check out the Doggett video in Slinky’s diary)the opposition is well funded and organized to scare Healthcare off the national agenda for a generation –

Make The Calls, Track ‘Em Down, Show Up, Support, Pushback, and Report Back !!

oh, and just in case you need more justification:

"A small part of the reason why I’m getting married is because I can’t afford COBRA insurance at the rate it’s going, and would rather be on my fiance’s health insurance in case something happens to me, but there’s no guarantee whether his insurance will be good for me even though it’s good for him.

It’s a crapshoot either way, which is precisely why I’m asking you guys to call these Democratic lawmakers to find out about these events so you can attend them and let them know they’ve got your support"

ya wouldn’t wanna disappoint a gal on her wedding day would ya ?? – Give her and your country the gift that lasts a lifetime !!!