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Speaking Out for those who can’t – Pet Food Drive

I know everyone here loves a good pet related story now & then,  and I've got one that combines the activism that we are used to seeing around the Blend & the world of pets.

I just did the following commentary for WCHL, a local AM radio station which I bet even Pam can hear in her neck of the woods since we're in neigbhoring cities, which will play on Friday of this week. I've organized Carrboro Plaza Vet's 2nd Annual Pet Food Drive in conjunction with the Orange County Animal Shelter.

Follow me below the fold for the commentary, for pictures from last year's food drive, and for the reason why my day to day life is about to drastically change.

 Food collected during the 2008 Pet Food Drive


This is Jake Gellar-Goad. I'm a Chapel Hill resident, and I've got something to say.

I wanted to talk about the importance of remembering animals in need during this economic downturn.  At times like this, there are many non-profit organizations and charities that are worthy of support.  But one cause that’s easy to overlook is animal welfare — because animals can't speak out for themselves.

One way to help is by supporting local shelters. Economic downturns can mean tough decisions for many individuals and families, and some of those decisions result in many more pets ending up at animal shelters at a time when shelters may not be receiving as much support as usual.

There are several ways you can help:
•    You can show your support by volunteering at your local shelter.
•    You can show your support by finding room in your home for a new four-legged addition.
•    Or, you can give pet food & supplies to your local shelter.

Towards that end, I've organized the 2nd annual Pet Food Drive at Carrboro Plaza Vet in conjunction with the Orange County Animal Shelter.  If you have any pet food or supplies that you would like to donate, please bring them by Carrboro Plaza Vet by 1 pm today.  If you can stop by between 12 & 1, we invite & encourage you to hang out, grab a goodie bag, enjoy the refreshments, and meet some of the staff from Carrboro Plaza Vet & the Orange County Animal shelter — plus play with a few dogs that are available for adoption!  For directions & additional details, check out our website at


After I did the commentary the guy who helped me record it said this sounded like an interesting event & that they may even do a new story on it so I'm really hoping that happens to help spread the word about the food drive. This Friday also happens to be my last day at the Carrboro Plaza Vet Clinic. I've been working there for about 3 years, but I'm starting grad school in the fall for a MPA degree (which I hope to use to get even more involved with activism & work w/ gov, non-profs, & poli campaigns), and this food drive is one of my “pet projects” (pun fully intended) that I want to see continue long after I'm gone. So if anyone wants to bring by any unopened pet food since I know there are some North Carolina & triangle area readers here, you can do so during the event, or anytime this week before the event (the food drive was actually a month long, but this is just the grand finale event). 


This event was suprisingly easy to organize.  Shelters won't say no to free food, vet clinic's love to be the venue for the free publicity & b/c the honestly care about pets, and media like it b/c it's a feel good story… so if anyone isn't around NC to attend this one, but wants to organize their own “Pet Food Drive” I say go for it!


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Jake Gellar-Goad

Jake Gellar-Goad


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