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If Ghandi Could See Us Now, What Would He Recommend?

Who is Robert W. Fuller you might ask? Maybe you have enjoyed him on CSPAN? Or read his books, or the article in Oprah? His Huffington Post contributions (a great one recently about the Gates/Crowley teaching moment, btw). You may not know that, in his long and distinguished career, Fuller was a consultant to Indira Gandhi in 1971, or met Jimmy Carter in the Oval Office to launch a hunger program.

Personally, I think he is America’s Ghandi. Like Ghandi, Robert W. Fuller is offering us a way out of the destructive, divisive pickle we find ourselves in. We have gone beyond the normal party parsing of politics and are about to drop like a ton of bricks into social chaos unless someone puts on the brakes. And no in Washington seems to know how.

I think we need a national discussion on our shared principles again. Everyone seems to running around all angry and agitated and right, instead of striving to unite, or so it seems to me.

The word Ghandi would have loved to have had is RANKISM. Fuller has written a couple of books about RANKISM and has lectured throughout the world sharing his vision of a society that overcomes the one ISM that all of us have experienced and may be experiencing. Worse yet, we may even be guilty of abusing our rank at work or at home. This can be overcome, Fuller teaches the way.

The word RANKISM stems from the dynamics between the abuser of rank and the victim of rank abuse. So who are the RANKISTS among us? Are you a victim of RANKISM? With these words available to us, we can take the next step in the evolution of our democracy:

A DIGNITARIAN SOCIETY, also a term Fuller has coined to describe a society in which RANKISM has been exposed and seeks to root out.

I know. I know. Another term or theory you might sigh. But before you do, I highly recommend checking out Fuller’s volume of work. At age 71, successfully retired, Fuller just wants a chance to share what many believe is America’s best hope for a more perfect union.

Here’s what Studs Terkel once said of Robert’s work, Somebodies and Nobodies: Overcoming the Abuse of Rank:

“…a wonderful and tremendously important book on the ‘ism’ that is far more encompassing than racism, sexism or ageism. ‘Rankism’ must be our prime target from now on in. Viva Fuller!”

And how do we overcome RANKISM?

DIGNITY: The Cure For Rankism

How do you change something that’s so pervasive and that has for so long gone unnamed? With dignity, Fuller says. Treating people with dignity, no matter where they fall on the corporate, social, familial, or political ladder is the key to overcoming rankism in all its manifestations. In rankist environments, creativity is stifled, students can’t learn, workers are disloyal, health is compromised, families suffer dysfunction, and victims want revenge. Dignity is the antidote.

Why am I sharing this? I truly believe Fuller’s moral philosophy can stem the tide of chaos and anarchy America seems to be riding.It’s time to get some dignity back into our hearts and minds, folks, before it’s too late!Studs Terkel, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Working.


Now is the season, embracing Dignity For All is the shift, and curtailing the pervasive social destruction fostered by unbridled RANKISM or abuse of rank is the answer. I hope you will take some time to become familiar with this American philosopher’s work.

MASS MEDIA. HEY, WHERE ARE YOU? Someone has ANSWERS for a change! Who will be first to introduce Fuller’s work on the national stage?

Here is Robert W. Fuller’s webpage:

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