Beerfart Liberal on his rationed care:

I’m, sorry, can I go off topic. It’s about health care. Two weeks ago I’m told I’m supposed to have a friggin biopsy and I’m sitting here scared shitless and I call today (again) to find out when TF is my friggin test and my friggin’ insurance company hasn’t approved it yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, no. There’s nothing wrong with our healthcare system that a little malpractice reform won’t fix, right?

Piss me off.

Tell me again how we’re planning to ration care in the U.S. if we pass health reform. We ration care now!!!!!

And we ration it to make a profit. Gotta love our health care system, right? Best in the world…

Jason Rosenbaum

Jason Rosenbaum

Writer, musician, activist. Currently consulting for Bill Halter for U.S. Senate and a fellow at the New Organizing Institute.