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You Can’t Chew Meat Unless You Have Some Teeth – Jerusalem Evictions Continue

This morning the news arrived from the International Solidarity Movement:

At around 5:30 in the morning, Israeli police arrived at the Hannoun family home and broke into the house through the windows. They forcefully removed Maher Hanoun, his wife Nadia and their 3 children. The police violently separated the family from the international and Israeli solidarity activists that were staying in the home. Police then arrested the international and Israeli solidarity activists that were staying with the family. Similarly, Israeli police came into the al-Ghawe family home at 5:30am and removed the family and internationals staying in the home.

Settlers arrived with a truck and began to move the al-Gwahe Hannoun family possessions out of their home.

As 53 members of the two families were forced out, Maher Hannoun said:

Despite condemnation from the international community about the evictions of my neighborhood, Sheikh Jarrah, the Israeli government continues to pursue the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem. My family were refugees from 1948 and now we have become refugees again. We were forced out of homes to make way for settlers, contrary to international law.

And in an interview with Israeli Army Radio he asked:

"I was born in this house and my children were also born in this house. I have documents from the Jordanian government. Now the settlers have moved into my home and I’m on the street. Where will I go?"

The Jerusalem Post in their teaser for the article – but not in the actual coverage – described the events as “Jewish families move into homes, smash windows and walls.”

The British Consulate, “located in Sheikh Jarrah where the Palestinian families had been living for more than half-a-century," said it was "appalled."

So far, US reaction has muted:

U.S. State Department spokesperson Megan Mattson said evictions violate Israel’s obligations under the so-called "road map" peace plan.

"Unilateral actions taken by either party cannot prejudge the outcome of negotiations and will not be recognized by the international community," Mattson said in a statement.

Just one day earlier Israeli soldiers once again staged an incursion into Gaza to:

set fire dozens of acres of farmland near Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza Strip on Saturday. A number of Israeli soldiers trespassed the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, and burnt farmland crops, wheat and barley near Beir Hanoun.

And the Israeli government issued a 160 page report exonerating itself of war crimes. At the same time, the government began an effort to cut off foreign funding to the Israeli human rights groups Breaking the Silence which reported the accounts of Israeli soldiers of IDF crimes in Gaza.

Given the statements of Sec State Clinton during her Mideast tour and Obama’s speech in Cairo earlier this year, is it any surprise that “Arabs are losing hope in Obama’s Ability to Broker MidEast Peace” as ABC News’ Ilene Prusher reports:

Many Arabs are looking for a tougher approach from Obama, with some invoking a popular Arabic saying: "You can’t chew meat unless you have some teeth."

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