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Primordial Grooves: Health Care? Who Cares? You Care!

With the last week of hearings, meetings and negotiations on the greatest debate of our time going into the last week before the August recess in Congress, I thought this week I would do a health care related playlist.

 A lot happened this week with the health care debate, and even more didn’t happen. Are we gonna let them screw up health care reform? Time will only tell. Enjoy the playlist though, its a random assortment of tunes I like that have some sort of medical theme associated.

I’ll be hanging out in comments for a while if you want to post your favorite health care debate songs or YouTube videos.

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Joh Padgett

Joh Padgett

I do the music column on Saturdays and the Primordial Grooves playlist on The Seminal blog on Sundays. I also own Layman Media, a social media production company in Indianapolis and I love cheese.