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Michelle Malkin Helpfully Explains Why the Arrest of Henry Gates was Justified

Of all the right-wing commentary I’ve read about the Gates incident, I’ve yet to see a single cogent argument demonstrating why his arrest was appropriate — legally or otherwise. Fortunately, on "This Week" this morning, the Anchor Baby cleared up the whole matter for us.

Look, you’re supposed to respect the police.

There you have it.

She forgot to mention that, after you’ve already produced identification and proven that you’re in your own house and have done nothing illegal, you’re obliged to smartly click your heels and say "Jawohl, Herr Insepktor!" and do whatever the officer commands.

Yes, in the Anchor Baby’s little authoritarian mind — and presumably most of wingnuttia — dissing the police is a crime.

Makes their torture fetish a bit easier to understand, though it is odd coming from the crowd that screams "police state!" when the government undertakes a census.

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