Let them eat granite countertops

National bile repository, Michelle Malkin, was allowed to play outside of the Fox sandbox today and she took the opportunity to explain that the people who have been out of work for over a year and a half are actually just lazy fuckers who would rather sit around in their own filth, watching Fox and eating car battery-sized blocks of government cheese rather  taking those unfilled $50 an hour lettuce-picking jobs working for John McCain.

Because, you know why? Hunh, hunh? Because, as Michelle explained, Bill Clinton’s personal economist said so, that’s why, so neener neener neener, gawd I’m a So fucking awesome at this TV punditing thing and everyone wishes they could be ME including that kind of negro-looking woman that they made me share the green room with and she wouldn’t toast my bagel for me, and she was all "Actually I’m a guest on the show too" and I was all "affirmative action thug thizzle bitch" but only in my head because she’d probably cut me or something.

And, of course, Michelle was wrong.

Then Michelle plugged her book, said, oh yeah Obama should apologize to some black cop, while the other panelists just looked away uncomfortably like Michelle was an older woman who kept passing gas at the table and everyone was pretending that it wasn’t really happening but it was and now they were going to have to go home and probably  burn their clothes.

Also. Michelle Malkin will be on The View Monday in an attempt to make Elisabeth Hasselbeck appear to sound smarter than   Richard Feynman by comparison. I expect that Michelle will ask Whoopi Goldberg to toast her a bagel while she is waiting in the green room prior to the show and, I guarantee you, Whoopi will cut the bitch…

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