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Late Night: Birth, Death, Sex & Race

The right wing seems to have settled on the thrust and parry they will use to kill health care reform in August on behalf of their corporate masters.  They’ve chosen some timeless themes that they expect to resonate with the American people: birth, death, sex & race.  Can’t imagine why — it’s not like Americans have ever argued about these before.

Since Lee Atwater and Ronald Reagan, the GOP’s argument about "taxation" has really been about race.  Now that America may finally extend coverage to those who lack it, remember who drove that welfare Cadillac back in ReaganTimes?  Why, it’s the same lady who now wants free health care, paid for with your (white) tax dollars.   The reason we’re talking about race in America — the same reason we’re talking about Barack Obama’s birth certificate,  since it speaks to his biraciality — is to engage white Americans (in "real America") who don’t want to pay for health care for "those people." 

Nowadays, it’s considered unpleasant to make gross appeals to racism in American political discourse, but it’s still considered okay to talk about high taxes for universal health care (for black people).  Paid for with white people’s taxes, of course.  That’s why we’re continuing to have teachable moments about race, and why one of CNN’s premier anchormen features  race-based chatter about Obama’s birth certificate.  Some people never learn, despite the teachable moments piling up in their wake.

In case the race-based arguments against health-care-for-all offend, here’s another one: rationing.  AKA killing grandma.  No one wants to kill their grandma; why does Obama want to kill mine?  Or better yet, yours.  Even better, you (if you are old).  This comes down to two very easy-to-remember slogans: no euthanasia, please.  Also: keep your government mitts off my Medicare!

Finally, there’s sex.  The sex other people are having and getting in "trouble" over,  thus needing abortions paid for by tax dollars (paid by white people).   In case you didn’t know it (and Chris Matthews will remind you if you forget) irresponsibility in sexual behavior will not be rewarded with a government-funded abortion.  So, no sex for you!  And if you do have sex, no abortion on demand!

Welcome to Health Care August, when we’ll be talking in Town Hall Meetings all over America about four things that have nothing to do with universal, accessible, readily available health care for all: Obama’s birth certificate, euthanasia, abortion, and race. 

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge