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Health Care Action in the States

Here’s a round-up of the latest action in New Mexico, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Kansas, Rhode Island, Maine and Montana:

If you have a blog, please sign up to push the public option state-by-state and district-by-district over the recess.

New Mexico Representaive Ben Ray Lujan — who is listed under Weasly Words on the FDL action Whip Count, despite being a member of the progressive caucus — picked up the phone to call Democracy for New Mexico bloggers who had been critical of his refusal to draw a line in the sand for a public option

Colorado Jennifer Powell diaried at Square State about an "town hall via conference call" an automated call from Jared Polis invited her to attend. Polis committed to hosting 12 town halls in August (does teleconference count?) but Powell noted her disappointment Polis has refused to join with progressives to prevent the Blue Dog moves against the public option

Pennyslvania Brendan Calling gives some positive reinforcement to Rep. Chaka Fattah standing up to the Blue Dogs and urges readers to call and say thanks

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu is getting heat with supporters across the state saying, "We have stood with you; now, we are asking you to stand with us in support of the public option."

Kansas Chris Hunter told his story of losing coverage when he was deactived from active duty and urged everyone to contact their representatives for a public option. He also tells Republican Todd Tiahrt he will no longer get his vote.

Rhode Island Pat Crowley at Rhode Island’s Future slammed Patrick Kennedy for not standing firm for a public option.

Maine Congressman Mike Michaud released a statement saying, "“In my view, the House bill that we are ultimately asked to vote on must have a public option for me to support it." He also asks Mainers to share their views: 207-942-6935

Montana Left in the West updates the plan to get people to attend a Jon Tester fundraiser Max Baucus is holding at his ranch. There will be stickers reading, "A Public Option Lets U.S. Work"

What are you doing in your state?

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Marisa McNee

Marisa McNee