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Come Saturday Morning: Getting The Message Out

You’d never know it from most Traditional Media coverage, but according to a New York Times poll that the NYT’s own Adam Nagourney and Megan Thee-Brenan did their best to spin into dissemblance, 90% of Americans want health care reform, more Americans approve (46%) than disapprove (38%) of how President Obama is handling health care reform (Congressional Republicans only have a 17% approval rating on this topic), and far more Americans have a favorable opinion of the Democrats (47%) than of the Republicans (28%).  Even the news of Chris Dodd’s battle with prostate cancer — a battle that, as he says, he can fight effectively because he has access to health care options that are out of the reach of most Americans — is being downplayed by a media that knows such news is helpful to the cause of reform.

How can we fight back?  What are some ways we can get around the health-industry and insurance lobby’s grip on our GOP/Media Complex?

There’s always calling into various radio shows — but if you call too often (and/or are of a political stripe that the host doesn’t like), you get banned.  My workaround for that would be to have a list of radio call-in shows nationwide, so that being censored in one media market doesn’t necessarily silence a caller forever; with the advent of cellphones and VOIP, the lines between "local" and "long distance" are blurring anyway.  Plus, the magic of internet radio means that a station’s reach isn’t limited to a fifty-mile or hundred-mile radius, so why should its caller base stay limited?

Got any other ideas?  How can we get the word out effectively, beyond what we’re already doing?  And are there things people and groups are already doing, that need more publicity?

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