31 Aug 2009

2008 Campaign Flyer for Edwards/WaPo Story of Obama & UBS President Golfing…I’m just sayin’….

Came across an Edwards’ flyer the other day from Feb. 5, 2008. Made me wistful for the visions for recovery he had.

Senator John Edwards ’08

returning the government to the people

“It is time for the American people to be patriotic about something other than war.”

37 million Americans live in poverty;
47 million Americans lack insurance;
50% of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck;
the top 300,000 Americans make more than the bottom 150 million;
5 million jobs have been sent offshore;
there are over 60 lobbyists for each member of Congress;
$23 million was paid out by lobbyists during the 2006 campaign.

I also came across a WaPo story of Obama golfing during vacation with the president of UBS Americas.


31 Aug 2009

Late Late Night FDL: Teabaggers Soundtrack

Wouldn’t it be nice of us to make a little soundtrack for the poor little teabaggers in this time of nervous tension? Leave a suggested song in thread.

31 Aug 2009

Why The News Is In Decline

Between the greed that motivates its owners, its preference for hiring dilettante sons and daughters of politicians and its ownership, and its unwillingness to work against the political interests of conservatives, it’s little wonder American news is in the state it’s in.

31 Aug 2009

Roll Over, John Phillip Sousa

Oh Wingnuttia, is there anything you won’t bitch about?

31 Aug 2009

Tx Gubernatorial Candidate and Others Hold Secession Rally in Austin

WTF??? Here’s Debra Medina, 2010 candidate for governor, wowing the folks at the Statehouse. Freepers love her: This crowd pleaser is Larry Kilgore and he really REALLY hates the United States and its flag… Oh boy.

31 Aug 2009

Joke Line Just Called IF Stone’s Grand-Daughter “Pathetic”

If you haven’t read this righteous post…

Last week I went to a cookout on the beach here with some old friends (Sausages and seafood, but no cocktail weenies!) Every year they do a cookout, and then a birthday party, and for years I’ve known that one of their guests was Joe Klein.

31 Aug 2009

Anti-Family R-71 may barely qualify for the ballot, pending judge’s ruling

The Washington Secretary of State announced today that they’ve verified about 900 signatures over the threshold of 120,577 needed for ballot qualification.  The anti-child, anti-family ballot measure may qualify for the ballot, but just barely. Final certification is scheduled for Wednesday morning by the Secretary of State.  Also expected first

31 Aug 2009

Late Night: Craven and Bigoted is No Way to Go Through Life, Son.

Of course, the hate is corporate-sponsored, so…

31 Aug 2009

South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer outed?

(Sorry, couldn't resist inserting this graphic! — Pam) crossposted on Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters I was in the middle of writing something good about the Carrie Prejean situation but then I got knocked on my ass by the following: A South Carolina politician with a lengthy antigay voting record

31 Aug 2009

The Seminal Watercooler: What’s news today?

I was moving apartments all day, so it’s fair to day I’ve been out of the loop. What’s been going on in the world today? What should I be catching up on?