31 Jul 2009

Olbermann and O’Reilly Forced by Bosses to Bury Hatchet? Why?

The New York Times is reporting that Jeffrey Immelt and Rupert Murdoch are forcing Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly to end their long-running fued.

31 Jul 2009

Another Kind of Summit

Obama had another kind of summit today – a pleasant luncheon with some of the country’s worst unionbusters.

31 Jul 2009

So That’s What It Takes

Like me, I’m sure you’re all sick of watching “moderate” Democrats suck up to the right while dissing the left. But there is hope! Today, after many years of fruitless observation, I have finally discovered how to get one of them to absolutely go off on conservatives.

31 Jul 2009

It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind
even if she can’t spell ‘prerogative’

The former Queen of Moosylvania is calling is bailin’ again:…

31 Jul 2009

Well There Goes My Weekend! Palin Won’t Do Reagan Library

I had a great plan to attend Sarah Palin’s appearance at the Reagan Library in honor of the Simi Valley Republican Women’s Club. One of my friends’ moms was once Orange County Republican Woman of the Year…mmm you see where this is going:

1. Use Mumsie’s name to get tickets
2. Dress like a Republican
3. Attend dinner with top secret blogger tools hidden in my G-faux-P girdle
4. ???
5. Profit!

Sadly though that pesky Palin has thwarted my hijinx! She backed out…Hmmm could her operatives have sensed my stealthy prowl?

31 Jul 2009

AFSCME Urges Say-on-Pay for Shareholders

AFSCME filed the first shareholder “say-on-pay” proposals in 2005. In the four years since then, we’ve put together a broad coalition of investors fighting to get shareholders a voice on executive compensation. The U.S. House of Representatives is expected later today to vote on “say-on-pay” legislation crafted by Chairman Barney Frank (D-MA). In this morning’s issue of the Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill, AFSCME President Gerald McEntee urges Congress to pass this bill as an important step in the effort to hold corporations accountable to shareholders.

31 Jul 2009

Reply to Ezra Klein on the Importance of the Public Option and Exchanges (Part II)

Exra Klein argues that the Public Option is not that important, and he points instead to the centrality of the exchange(s). It is easy to become confuse about what these two concepts do. Part II of a response.

31 Jul 2009

Stand For Marriage Maine Delivers Signatures- But How Many Are Valid?

UPDATE: Apparently yet ANOTHER spokesperson for SFMM yesterday told the press that about 70,000 signatures were being submitted- not over 100,000! Scott Fish, spokesman for the Stand for Marriage campaign, said volunteers are going to drop off more than 70,000 signatures – about 15,000 more than the minimum needed to

31 Jul 2009

Mike Ross Thrives While Constituents Struggle, Study Says

Blue Dog Mike Ross benefits a great deal from the current state of health care in this country. But what about the people who he’s supposed to represent? According to a new report from the Main Street Alliance, the people in Ross’ state of Arkansas aren’t benefitting very much from the way things are.

31 Jul 2009

Blue Angels

UPDATE: How I Beat the Angels Blues, or, A true Story with a Happy Ending, below the fold! The Blue Angels are at this very moment tearing the atmosphere over Seattle.  They are a perennial feature of Seafair, a celebration of, well, I’m not sure exactly. Yes, fighter planes are