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Legislator of the Day: Dutch Ruppersberger


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C. A. “Dutch” Ruppersberger (MD-D-02)     

Rep. Ruppersberger is from a heavily Democratic district, and has run substantially without opposition.  Lucky him!  But he abstained on hate crimes bills in 07 and 09, though he voted yes on ENDA in 2007.  However, his office indicated in early July that he was still undecided on HR 3017.  

C'mon, tell Dutch to give some luv to the LGBT community on HR 3017 from his safe Democratic seat.  A call is better than an email, but do something, anything.

tel: 410-628-2701  

email: zip 21093

And while you're at it, check out the unconfirmed US Senators contact info:

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