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Joan Walsh Is Materialistic, Maternalistic, Racist And Is A Magic Honky

I just had to have the Zed on this insane rant from drug addled windbag Rush Limbaugh. Of course Rushbo was fired from ESPN for his racist comments.It seems that Rush may have talent on loan from God, but he sure loves to bash women. His many divorces does suggest a reason. But Joan Walsh does fight back.

LIMBAUGH: Joan Walsh, editor-in-chief,, also known as The Magic Honky. The real racist is Ms. Joan Walsh, with her race-based materialistic — or maternalistic attitude toward black people, who have, in her small, little mind, no responsibility for their own actions. This flap over Gates and the cop, Sergeant Walsh [sic], happened as a direct result of actions and words, both Gates’ actions and Obama’s words. But that doesn’t matter a hill of beans to The Magic Honky, Joan Walsh, who sees blacks as perpetual victims in need of her white protections. She sees black people as needing to constantly be reassured by her that she understands that they understand that she is trying real hard not to be a racist.

Walsh answered the right wing’s beloved drug addict.

Walsh added that the GOP is “trying to have it both ways” and called them “a party lost in the wilderness.” She also pointed out that Republicans, for the most part, dare not go against Limbaugh because “he smacks them down and they run cowering into the corner, crying like little puppies. They’re afraid of him.”“He went on to call me the ‘magic honky’ today,” she continued. “I’m proud of that. The president is the ‘magic negro,’ I’m the ‘magic honky.’ I mean … It’s too much for me.”

Also, note that Rush is so concerned about Sgt. Crowley, that he could not get his name correctly. But I am still not certain if Walsh is materialistic. It is Limbaugh who says his chandeliers will never have energy saving light bulbs.

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