Gary Randall filed a complaint Tuesday seeking to prevent disclosure of the names of those who signed [sic?] the Referendum 71 petition. He must have finally caught on to the facts that,  A) is going to be a quick, easy tool we will have available to  us to see whose names appear on the petition, B) We are going to ask  people whether they really signed it and if they were lied to by the signature gatherers (maybe he reads my blog?) and C) Thanks to, everyone now knows its a matter of public record, so he has to cover his butt fast. Because he seems to be in such a panic to make sure that the names of everyone who signed his petition (assuming, of course, that they actually were registered voters and still alive at the time) are kept hidden that he does not even realize that his reasoning is so convoluted and hypocritical that it would be laughable, if there were not a hearing scheduled for today for a temporary restraining order to keep the records from being made public by the state.

From The Seattle PI:


Gary Randall of Protect Washington Families said his group filed a complaint Tuesday challenging the constitutionality of the state public disclosure law, contending that it chills protected First Amendment free speech.

[Hey, Gary–what exactly is it that YOU are trying to affect?]

The organization contends it is “reasonably probable” that petition signers “will be subjected to threats and harassment.”

[Not unless you count picketers and boycotts of any businesses owned by people who are proud to have signed. Boycotting and picketing are First Amendment rights, too. I guess you forgot to warn them about the “Public Disclosure” part before you began gathering signatures, huh?]

The complaint was filed against Washington’s secretary of state and its public records officer.

[Which ought to bring you in lots of donations after you use the State's obligation to defend it's laws to cry about how the Evil Powers that Be are attacking you.]

I would love to be a fly on the wall for the conversation where Joe Fuiten gets to say, “I told you so”.

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