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Birthers, Part Deux: Republicans Divided

In this installment, we find the Republicans split into two camps. Mike Pence leads the sane brigade (he’s joined by McClintock, and of all people, Peter King!), boldly going where no elected Republican had gone before and agreeing with your humble correspondent’s observation that the Birthers are a bunch of looney-tune extremists that do not deserve the respect of the Grand Old Party, or, for that matter, anyone else.

It’s too bad the GOP hasn’t achieved consensus on this.

Alas, I give you Roy Blunt (Blunt is no small potato: He resigned his #2 GOP leadership position—that of Minority Whip—so that he could focus on running for Senate in Missouri.):

Blunt: What I don’t know is why the President can’t produce a birth certificate. I don’t know anybody else that can’t produce one. And I think that’s a legitimate question. No health records, no birth certificate. . .

Stark: He’s produced a certificate of live birth, right?

Blunt: Not that I. . . I don’t believe so.

Stark: No, he has. Chris Matthews held it up on Hardball the other night.

Blunt: Take it up with Chris Matthews. . . .

Lining up with Blunt, we have the Republican’s #4, Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers:

Stark: I wanted to know if you wanted to offer a clearer answer on whether or not you believe Barack Obama was born in the United States, or are you still looking forward to seeing documents?

McMorris-Rodgers: [crickets]

Lots more fun stuff inside. . . .

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Mike Stark

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