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NC Gay bashing – Victim believes his sexual orientation might have led to attack

Wilmington | For more than a week, Chaz Housand has wondered what exactly happened to him early on the morning of July 17 when he and a friend were attacked downtown.

He wonders whether the beating, in which he and Chet Saunders were knocked unconscious, took seconds or several minutes. Since it happened on Front Street on a Friday morning, Housand said he wonders who witnessed the beating and whether anyone intervened.

And while he suspects they were attacked because he and Saunders are gay, he doesn’t remember the incident and so can’t be certain.


Housand, a recent University of North Carolina Wilmington graduate, said while in college he was involved in clubs which lobbied to change North Carolina’s hate crimes law. But he said he never imagined the issue would affect him directly.

Saunders said the incident has made him reluctant to return downtown at night. “I don’t feel like it’s a safe place,” he said. “I never really expected something like this to happen.”



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