Golly, it sure is heartwarming how conservatives everywhere are suddenly discovering a deep concern for the well-being of senior citizens.  Why, as soon as they realized that requiring Medicare to reimburse end-of-life counseling is the same as requiring seniors to participate in it, Courageous Compassionate Elder Lovers like Jonah Goldberg, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, John Boehner, Thad McCotter, and Virginia Foxx sounded the alarm against Obama’s plans for a Grey Holocaust.

Of course, this is all perfectly in keeping with their long-standing compassion and respect for our most experienced citizens.  Let’s review, shall we?

• Jonah Goldberg: "It would be entirely in keeping with FDR’s legacy to rip apart the Social Security system if there was even a chance that it could be improved."  And he believes that Ronald Reagan’s 1961 screed about how Medicare would lead to the end of freedom as we know it is "still fresh today."

• Rush Limbaugh: "Social Security alone would make three military budgets."  "Government intervention-specifically the Medicaid and Medicare programs-is the biggest reason costs are escalating in health care today."

• Sean Hannity: "Some twenty countries around the world give their workers the freedom to use personal retirement accounts to create real retirement security and personal wealth, and we should, too."

• John Boehner: Pledged to privatize Social Security as late as June ’060% lifetime rating (PDF) from the Alliance for Retired Americans.

• Thad McCotter: 17% lifetime rating from the ARA.

• Virginia Foxx: 3% lifetime rating from the ARA.

I’m pretty certain that most of the people crying crocodile tears about Obama’s lust for grandma blood also believe that grandma’s Medicare and Social Security are an unconscionable socialist redistribution of wealth that they would gut, privatize or eliminate in a heartbeat if it were politically feasible.

They posture about protecting her life while they wait for a chance to grab her purse and push her down the stairs when no-one’s looking.