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Democratic Party and Politico: Get a Clue

Eric Boehlert writes about Glenn Thrush’s piece in Politico, in which he concludes "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of the most despised political figures in the country":

BTW, according to Politico’s own polling, 58 percent of Americans don’t trust Pelosi. And wouldn’t you know it,  according to Politico’s own polling, 57 percent of Americans don’t trust Sarah Palin. Can’t wait for Thrush’s exposé about how Palin is among "the most despised" political figures in America. Wake me when it arrives.

UPDATED: Well, well, well. According to Politico’s polling, the Republican Party is not trusted by 57 percent of voters, which, of course, makes it one of the most "despised" political institutions in America, right?

Kagro and I were on a panel with someone from Politico for Democratic press secretaries a couple of months ago.  Everyone wanted to know how they could get their boss a quote in Politico. They asked Kagro and I why they should trust blogs.  We sort of looked at each other and said, "because we’re on your side?"

Then they wanted to know if people at Politico read the blogs, and if they had any influence over what people at Politico thought.

Kagro and I walked out shaking our heads.  I have to give Politico credit — their business model was to cocoon the Hill at every level, from their beat sweeteners to the inside baseball gossip to the process stories that bored the general public.  But they wholly succeeded in becoming the publication that told the Hill what it thinks about itself.  If it doesn’t register in Politico, it didn’t happen as far as most Hill staffers are concerned.

I shouldn’t have to remind everyone that Politico is funded — and run — by Republicans.  It’s a huge flaw in the Democratic funding structure that the left doesn’t like to fund media and thinks it will simply exist of its own accord.  And an even bigger flaw in Democratic staffers that they don’t have any larger vision of politics than getting their name in the Hill’s biggest gossip rag which certainly doesn’t have their best interest at heart.

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