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Funny, I Was Going to Tell You Exact Same Thing

So Sarah Palin is no longer Governor of Alaska. Stepping down from a job she was never that good at. All that tedious stuff about budgets and public services just distracted her from her appearances on Fox News. But as she leaves she has one last humdinger for us. She tells the press corps.

"How about, in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin’ things up?"

The Steve Schmidt only wishes the reporters were making stuff up about her. Really you can’t make this up. I’m from LA and I know. From the soap opera with a state trooper former brother in-law to her flame out first interview with Charles Gibson her’s has been a story no screenwriter would ever dream of making up (Well, maybe Akiva Goldsman.)

Sarah Palin’s grasp on the truth has been shown to be a little less than secure (see Bridge to Nowhere, the eBay Plane auction, and the interviews with Gibson and Couric.)

I can’t speak for everybody but I would never put words in Sarah Palin’s mouth. What’s already there is just too golden. Maybe she was talking to Fox News?

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