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Every Objective Poll on the Planet Indicates Americans Don’t Trust Republicans on Health Care

It seems like everytime I get on the Internets or turn on the teevee, someone’s telling me how badly Obama and the Democrats are doing with health care reform and how the concerns of "moderate" Republicans should be heeded, because Americans Want A Bi-Partisan Solution. 

While it’s true that Obama’s numbers have dipped under the weight of the seemingly-endless sausage-making on the Hill, the "concerns" of bought-and-paid-for Blue Dogs like Mike Ross and Big Health propaganda — no one really cares what Jim DeMint or John Boehner has to say about health care. Republicans are having absolutely zero impact on the debate.

Consider: last week’s ABC News poll shows Obama with a staggering 20-point lead on the GOP.


34% is Bush approval territory. And when the question is phrased differently, the irrelevance of the GOP is even more striking.


10%! And before you assume the phrasing of that question favors Obama, here’s another:


10% again. So less than half of the GOP’s own shrinking base trusts Republicans to fix health care.

So the next time you see Bill O’Reilly or Eric Cantor prattling on and on about What Americans Really Want From Health Care Reform, just remember: no one’s listening.

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