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Time for Counter Counter Propaganda

I think its time to spread the rumor that Rush, Glen, O’Reilly Sarah etc they hate healthcare why because the liberals control them!
Think about it who was the GOP’s and Jon McCain’s strongest supporters last election? Older White Males, if Rush, Glen etc get their way the White Male won’t have Healthcare.
So then in 4 years when Obama runs again their will be less of the GOPs stongest base of older White Men to vote!
Anyone who is against National Healthcare Hates the White Man! Can I have an AMEN!
Question then why is Obama for National Healthcare?
Reverse Psychology Obama knows that What Ever he says White Republicans will do the opposite!
Look Germany, Norway, Sweden they all got National Healthcare all the White Aryan Nations have it so we know that its a good idea.
But.. but we have the best Healthcare in the World!
No we don’t all them other countries and Japan they live longer than us.
Rush, Beck, O’Reily they are Pawns of the Liberal Media They are Race TRAITERS!
Can I have an AMEN!

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