The Tweeting Wall: Insta-Holy Petitions

picture-6.thumbnail.pngThe centuries old tradition of making prayer requests at the Western Wall in Jerusalem–the last remnant of the Second Temple which was destroyed by the Romans circa 70CE–has gotten an update for the 21st Century.

Now instead of actually going to the Western Wall also known as Kotel and the Wailing Wall (the time, the money, the carbon footprint!), those who want to get a quick request into God can simply tweet YHWH–or Whoever, the don’t seem super fussy about what your Divinity is named– via @sendaprayer. The prayers will be then printed out and placed amongst the stones by somebody on the other end.

There’s also a Facebook page for

[t]he first iPhone App that sends prayers to the Western Wall in Jerusalem

with a link to the iPhone store. Cost of the app? $1.99

I sort of wonder if the rabbis sit around a get a good laugh at some of the requests.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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