Sarah Palin’s Last Day as Governor of Alaska: A Tribute (also)


Bonus Feature: Today’s Anchorage Daily News, with stories regarding Palin-packing, probing, and picnics (also)…

Oh, the fun we have had on the Intertubes with Sarah- and to think, all of these in less than a year. Why, that’s almost as many days as she has actually BEEN in Alaska during the course of her governorship!

And to think, also we’ve been giving poor Mark Sanford sh*t for his “frequent flyer miles”- wink wink!

Anyhoo, let’s have a gander of some of Sarah’s most photogenic moments. Or should we say, “turkey”, also?

Ewww, let’s move along to something more tasefully done than live unedited interviews with failed Republican Vice Presidential candidates. My apologies to those with weak stomachs!

Here we go: SNL’s Collection of Greatest Hits. Sorry, no “embedding” allow on this one- traditional family values, you know.

More below the fold, also.Who could forget these classic moments on the campaign trail last year?

Then there was this clip of the “World’s Best Known Hockey Mom”. I especially like the cranked up music to drown out the boos- pity they didn’t also “black out” the crowds, many giving Palin 2 thumbs’ down, also!

MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” had more than a few comments regarding the Governor, also:

And who loves Sarah Palin more than David Letterman?

Why, he also promoted her book on his show!

Oh, good times, good times…

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