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Florida Doctor Who Distributed Racist Email is a Tea Party Organizer, Called Health Care Reform “Medical Fascism”

Why does Obama make everything about race?

It’s so surprising to find racist assholes behind the Teabagging movement.

A prominent St. Petersburg doctor and conservative activist has drawn a flood of criticism for e-mailing an image depicting President Obama as a witch doctor with a loin cloth, exotic head dress and bones in his nose.

“I am not a racist. I am simply a person speaking up to make sure patients don’t get hurt by the government and by insurance companies,” said McKalip, who earlier this month organized “tea party” rallies across Florida denouncing Obama’s healthcare overhaul proposals.

Sure did. From the South Florida Craigslist.

Dear Tea Party Patriot,

On Thursday, July 9, at 7:00 pm EDT Tea Party Patriots is hosting a live Town Hall meeting in Orlando, Florida. You can join us live in person, on, and on Blog Talk Radio. The Town Hall meeting will inform Americans about the negative effects of government run health care.

Panelists will include Neurological Surgeon David McKalip, M.D., Kidney Specialist Tim Youell, M.D., Rick Scott with Conservatives for Patients Rights, patient activist Cindy Youell, and concerned healthcare professionals and patients.

McKalip also gave a keynote at a June 7 Teabagging and recruited teabaggers with this anti-Obama screed and another that called health care reform "medical fascism." He’s associated with several anti-health care reform groups, including Take Back Medicine and Doctors for Patient Freedom and is chairman of the Club for Growthish Florida Taxpayers Union. His rants are all over the wingosphere — especially on teabagging websites.

The Florida Medical Association has denounced McKalip. That’s not good enough — McKalip should be removed from their board.

Let them know.

ph. 800.762.0233

fax (850) – 224-6627

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