Enta Da Stage

My attempts, for years, to force Eli Lake into blogging have always failed. Eli is a newspaper reporter. He’s also among the most opinionated and argumentative people you will ever encounter. This creates — how to put this — a certain tension. He’s viewed the blogosphere with alternating contempt and admiration, like the Scots lunatic in Rushmore who tortures Max but really just wants to star in one of his plays. And yet he’s resisted the entreaties, with the exception of concern-trolling certain blogs under pseudonyms. In 2007 I went so far as to write a blog as Eli called Too Hot For NY Sun just to be, you know, an asshole. I delayed taking it down while he sent me increasingly irate and panicked emails.

Anyway, it all ends now, with the birth of Elaketricity. I will be concern-trolling the shit out of this place, and occasionally demanding that he use his new blogospheric voice to denounce the depravity of his fellow conservatives or display his cowardice and complicity through silence. (Target one: Rich Lowry’s retarded column on Skip Gates. If Eli doesn’t denounce it, it means he’s a capital-R racist. I LOVE THE BLOGOSPHERE.) On the internet, that’s how we say Hello. 

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman