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Apparent Homicide In Apartment Building Next To My Building

A neighbor of mine named Barbara Moore apparently was killed this morning. She lived in the apartment building across from mine which is owned by a different owner.

Barbara Moore and cat TigerMy upstairs neighbors described Barbara’s body as visibly black and blue when the ambulance took her away, her having two black eyes — She was taken away in an ambulance between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM PDT this morning, and apparently died later.

I knew Barbara, but I didn’t know her well. She was profiled about a year-and-a-half ago when the San Diego Union-Tribune profiled her in an article about San Diego Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS) entitled PAWS works to help people and pets stay together. The photo is a thumbnail of the photo from the article (where she is seen with her cat Tiger); selecting the photo will take you to the Union-Tribune‘s PAWS article.

They have a suspect in custody — apparently her boyfriend. News cameras have already been outside my apartment photographing the scene for later broadcast.

Strange. Lots of uniformed police and homicide detectives outside my apartment building. Because this appears to be a domestic crime, I certainly don’t feel unsafe in my apartment building. That said; however, it actually is a bit disconcerting that she was so injured but that I didn’t hear anything. You would think that with someone that violently injured would scream, and since my tendency during the summer is to sleep with my front door open/my security screen door open and deadbolted…well, I thought I would have heard something.

I think that is the scary part: It leaves me wondering if something happened to me in my apartment, would anyone hear anything?

And oddly, I’m wondering what’s going to happen to her two cats. At least I know who would be taking care of my kats Bon-Bon and Maggie — I’ve previously made arrangements for them should anything happen to me.


Update: The news is calling Barabar’s death one apparently caused by blunt force trauma, but the person in custody hasn’t been arrested at this point. I can only hope this actually turns out to be an accident instead of a homicide, but none of us in the two apartment buildings really knows…if I had to guess, based on the comments of my neighbors, the injuries lead me to believe it was homicide. I hope we’re wrong.

It looks too like one of my neighbors is likely going to take one of Barabra’s cats, and it looks like I’m going to probably add Tiger to my collection of kats. So, that would make the Sandeen Kat Kollective into the trio of Bon-Bon, Maggie, and Tiger verses the duo it currently is.

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen