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Quick on Professor Gates’s Racial Profiling; Slow on LGBT Profiling

Just so I understand this.  Professor Gates is the subject of some questionable police work in which he ends up arrested on his own property for creating a disturbance.  Obama calls the actions of the Cambridge Police “stupid” less than 24 hours after the apparent assault on the professor's rights.  That's pretty quick for  President to comment on an issue that is being hotly debated.  He gets credit for calling it as he saw it.

Last month his own DOJ files a brief that insults the civil rights of LGBT Americans, and 'profiles” LGBT Americans as pedophiles.  Like the Gates episode, there are outcries of injustice.  Does Obama rush to a microphone to denounce the tactic?

No, first, no comment because he hasn't got all the facts (which didn't prevent him from commenting on Gates situation).  Second, back-pedaling from some and confusing statements from others on his staff, “President has not read the brief, President stands behind the brief, President is upset abut the brief, President will hold cocktail party for gays.”

Where was the outrage?  Where was the ackowledgement that DOJ was “stupid” for filing such a brief? 

The issue here is quite clear.  He “gets” racial profiling, but doesn't get “gay profiling.”  If the Cambridge Police were stupid, was wasn't DOJ equally stupid for profiling gays?  When is Gates' cocktail party?

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