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Obama to Congress: Stay and Work

Harry Reid announced today that Joe Lieberman and the Republicans are getting their wish, and the Senate will not vote on health care until after the August recess. 

But the President has other ideas:

President Obama has been pushing for both the House and Senate to pass health care legislation before going on their August break — a goal that has appeared increasingly unlikely due to fierce Republican opposition and cost concerns cited by fiscally conservative Democrats.

Reid’s announcement did not change Obama’s timetable, according to a senior administration official. The president still wants the House and Senate to vote before the August recess.

The lobbyists plan to use the month to hammer House and Senate members with millions and millions of dollars in ads and hire Dick Armey to picket them.  We’ve heard over and over again from every single person we spoke with on the Hill on all sides that leaving is a disaster that will only make it harder to fight for a public plan, because well funded freak shows like this will be greeting members of Congress when they’re at home.

Join President Obama.  Tell them to stay.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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