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Chellie Pingree: Lobbyists Will Spread “Fear and Confusion” During August Break

Chellie Pingree on why it’s important to stay and pass health care:

If we go home for recess without passing this bill, we will give special interests and their lobbyists five weeks to dump millions of dollars into ad campaigns that spread misinformation and fear and confusion. 

We will give them 5 weeks to do everything they can to kill the best chance we have had in a lifetime
to more forward on significant health care reform.  We must pass this bill now, we absolutely can not afford to wait.

I look forward to going back to my district in August and tell the good people of Maine we didn’t let them down.

Chellie Pingree is a freshman member of the House.  She’s showing a lot more guts than the chickenshit freshman Democrats in the Senate who are backing Max Baucus and touting the need for a "bipartisan" compromise.

Joe Lieberman wants to "slow it down."  Obama wants them to stay and get it done.

Join President Obama.  Tell them to stay.

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Jane Hamsher

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