U.S. Legislator of the Day: Glenn Nye

Yesterday we sent about 90 emails to Rep. Flake. And now…


* * * drum roll * * *

Rep. Glenn Nye, III of Virginia

Because his office doesn't accept emails from outside the district, I'm asking you to call and tell his office you support ENDA, HR 3017

Here's his telephone number: 757-326-6201  

I know this concept may seem strange to you twitterati, but you dial the number on your telephone machine, and the nice people in Rep. Nye's office are standing by, ready to take your message directly to the nice Representative.  Just tell them you're calling to support ENDA, HR 3017.  Speak slowly, because they're writing it all down.  It only takes a minute, though.  

According to Wikipedia, Rep. Nye won 52-47 against his Republican two-term incumbent opponent in 2008.  He is a Blue Dog Democrat, but he voted for the hate crimes bill.  There's a good chance he will vote for ENDA, but he needs to know there's support for it.

Give him a call.

And while you're at it, the most effective way to persuade legislators is to meet with them in your local district in August when Congress is not in session.  Sign up for those meetings here. August Meeting signup form:

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