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Secretary of State Clinton Presents (again) Iranian Nuclear Weapon Development as a Fact

The war team that lied our nation into an unnecessary and immoral war in Iraq based on a "pack of lies" started repeating unsubstantiated claims about Iran immediately after we invaded Iraq.Micheal Ledeen, Dick Cheney, James Woolsey, John Bolton, Bush, Reuel Marc Gerecht etc continued to repeat that Iran has a nuclear weapons program even though the former head of the IAEA mr. El Baradei continued to report that there was no hard evidence to back up these claims.Radio and T.V. host have also allowed these unsubstantiated claims about an alleged nuclear weapons program in Iran to be repeated. Terri Gross of Fresh Air not only allows these claims to be repeated she has repeated these claims numerous times on her own .

Senator John McCain, Senator Liebermann, President Obama, and Secretary of the State Clinton also continue to repeat these false claims about Iran.

If you hear unsubstantiated claims having to do with Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program or that Iran wants to "wipe Israel off the map" contact that news outlet and object to these lies being repeated Professor Juan Cole has completely debunked that false and often repeated statement that Iran wants to "wipe Israel off the map"


Clinton Vows ‘Crippling Action’ if Iran Becomes Nuclear Secretary of State Again Presents Iranian Nuclear Weapon Development as a Factby Jason Ditz, July 22, 2009Following a growing trend in the Obama Administration, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today presented the US claim that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon as an absolute fact, as opposed to speculation for which even the IAEA concedes no evidence exists.During the interview on Thai television today, Clinton warned Iran that “once they have a nuclear weapon” they won’t actually be any safer, because the US intends to take “crippling action” against them, including dramatically improviding the military capacity of US allies in the Gulf, presumably referring to Israel and Saudi Arabia.Link below

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