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Late Night: Livin’ the Dolce Vita with The Lovernator

“Voulez vous couchez avec moi?”

No word on whether C Street will send Tom Coburn along to provide his invaluable chaperoning, counseling and OB-GYN services:

Gov. Mark Sanford said he is leaving the state Thursday with his wife and sons for a two-week European vacation.

Sanford said the trip long has been scheduled and was meant as a last family getaway with his family’s four sons while they all still are living at home. 
. . .
This will be Sanford’s fourth out-of-state trip since vanishing for five days to Argentina in mid-June. Upon his return, Sanford admitted to an extramarital affair. Since that time, Sanford has been in his office 14 of 24 work days. 
. . .
However, Sanford argued he never is truly away from the job on evenings and weekends.

Yeah, well, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat worrying about my job, but that doesn’t mean I get extra vacation or comp time for those lost hours of sleep, you self-aggrandizing dickhead. May the residents of South Carolina make your life a living hell for the remainder of your time in office. . . assuming you spend more than three days in the state ever again.

Anyway, it sounds like a fabulous (by which I mean painfully awkward and potentially traumatizing) time for the kids as they tour the Continent as part of their uptight, overly religious parents’ couples therapy/second honeymoon.  How do you say "recipe for disaster" in Dutch? 

I do hope they stop in Italy. I think Sanford and Silvio Berlusconi would get along famously, since they both like to "cross the line" with women who aren’t their wives. Maybe Berlusconi can get the college-bound kid a hooker — y’know, as a graduation present.  Ciao, amore!

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