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Faux News: new Surgeon General nom 'too fat' to serve

Holy crap. I’m speechless. Take a look at not-so-svelte Neil Cavuto and Anti-Gym hardbody proprietor Michael Karolchyk, who sports a “No Chubbies” T-Shirt, take a crap on the President’s nominee for Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin (see my earlier post).


A screen cap of Benjamin is on the right. Does she look wildly obese to anyone? Did anyone protest about C. Everett Koop’s portly figure as a disqualification to serve? Wow. Weight-proportional-to-height status is not the sole marker of health anyway. Jim Fixx, a slim long-distance running advocate, dropped dead of a heart attack. Obesity is clearly a health risk, but so is family history of cardiovascular disease, or Type II diabetes, whether you smoke, along with a variety of other factors. I certainly don’t see Dr. Benjamin, first black woman to become president of the state medical society of Alabama who by any stretch of the imagination is qualified to serve, as worthy of this sort of disgusting, pious slam.


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding